Wealth Habits: Are we there yet?

A question I ask athletes is, “Why did you start?” When sitting down with a family, I change the question slightly, “What is living well?” Write down detailed answers. Answering these questions honestly will surface your values and help you make … Continue reading

Wealth Habits – Aspirational Spending

Growing up the following fell somewhere between normal and aspirational: Private education from Pre-K through Graduate School Winter ski vacations Summers spent at a waterfront cottage International trips to tropical and European destinations Two family cars, bought new, every five years … Continue reading

What I Talk About When I Talk About Building Wealth

When people ask me about asset allocation, I guide them towards family wealth. Over your life, you will see things blow up. Jobs will be lost Divorces will happen Guarantees will be called Companies will fail Investments will go to … Continue reading

Family Financial Review

August/September is the time of year when I do my life review. I’ll be writing about the various components over the next few months. Fear Impairs Judgement – you’ve certainly felt financial fear in the last three weeks. However, the lesson runs deeper than … Continue reading