What Makes Real Estate Assets Cheap – Tame Your FOMO

Because we are hard-wired to be poor investors, your family’s best bet is dollar-cost averaging in low-cost index funds. Consistent investing, over your working life, it’s as close to a sure thing as you can get. Despite, and because of, the … Continue reading

Non Financial Aspects of Estate Planning

A friend asked me to give this talk to his firm, but I prefer to write short articles. 😉 When families talk about estate planning the discussion can center around cash flow, assets and tax minimization. While those topics need to be … Continue reading

Buffett and Munger For Familes – My Wife’s Cats

What can a family learn from one of the most successful investment partnerships of my lifetime? Last month, I read Tren Griffin’s book on Munger and re-read Warren Buffett’s Owner’s Manual for Berkshire Hathaway. I read them NOT to figure out … Continue reading