Wealth Habits – Aspirational Spending

Growing up the following fell somewhere between normal and aspirational: Private education from Pre-K through Graduate School Winter ski vacations Summers spent at a waterfront cottage International trips to tropical and European destinations Two family cars, bought new, every five years … Continue reading

Financial Planning for Long-Term Success

November 1st is the start of open enrollment in the US healthcare sector. To celebrate, Unitedhealthcare notified me that my premiums are heading up by 25%. I wonder how the total compensation (salary, bonus, private jets, security, stock) of their … Continue reading

What I Learned Last Year

Two themes have dominated my goals for the last couple of years: my relationship with my eldest daughter and my finances. ++ Kids – my daughter worked herself out, no input from me. I didn’t change her nature, I accepted … Continue reading

When 99 is more than 100

As a young man, I spent my 20s focused on taking myself to the limit. In my 30s, I discovered triathlon and shifted my life towards a devotion to personal excellence. In both periods, I was unable to understand why anyone would … Continue reading

What Do We Need To Retire?

My post showing how a 1.2% fee differential can cost you 131% of your pension contributions inspired Paul Meloan to write an article about The Clear Value of Financial Planning. The article lays out Paul’s case for his work in … Continue reading